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Which gets you further: talent or effort? Is optimism a luxury or good? How much do your friends affect your future? All of these questions and more are talked about on the No Stupid Questions podcast.

Author Stephen Dubner and research psychologist and author Angela Duckworth use this podcast to create an environment where they can ask each other anything, because there are “no stupid questions.” Their casual conversations are interwoven with intellectual insight.

In each episode it is evident that Duckworth and Dubner are each well-educated and well-researched individuals with a plethora of knowledge in many topics.The duo might not directly answer each question; rather, they tend to spend time talking about the question, the surrounding literature, and providing multiple perspectives.

In the episode, Why Do We Hoard? Duckworth challenges Dubner by asking him if he is a hoarder. Throughout the episode, Dubner goes back and forth between his answers. They speak about human nature and touch on why humans feel the need to hold onto things. The conversation proceeds to try to answer the question, “Do you spend more time thinking about the past, present, or future?” 

Another episode, Which Gets You Further:Talent or Effort? spends a large portion of the episode talking about the differences between initialisms and acronyms, why people use them, and when they should be used.

No Stupid Questions leaves the listener feeling like a fly on the wall listening in to two people’s conversation over coffee.The podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, Good Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast streaming services. Each episode is under 40 minutes.

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