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Display Advertising

Global Reach – Global IMPACT!

Net Display Advertising proceeds help to fund worldwide ministry

The Banner and its MISSION-FOCUSED Display Advertising program carries your message to over 67,000 households of faith and 225,000 members across the U.S. and Canada, representing nearly a quarter-million loyal buyers of both consumer and small-business goods and services.  Our readers have an affinity for integrity - and often base their purchasing decisions on quality, service and shared values - ensuring The Banner is one of your best investments in Growing Your Revenue & Market Share!

Established in 1865, The Banner is the official publication of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. The Banner informs, educates, challenges, and inspires members and leaders of reformed faith traditions throughout North America and beyond. Though our audience is found mainly in the Midwestern United States, the more heavily-populated East and West U.S. Coasts, and in several Canadian metropolitan locations, The Banner’s advertising reach extends to all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces. 

Frequency Discounts

Annual Contracts allow us to better plan our operational needs; the resulting efficiencies save you time and money, further adding to your Return On Investment (ROI).

PRINT ADVERTISING -- NET Pricing (effective January 2023) *

Ad Size

1x 3x 6x 11x

Full Page

$4,220 $3,790 $3,590 $3,376


$3,375 $3,040 $2,880 $2,770


$2,550 $2,300 $2,175 $2,090

PRIME Footstrip -- Exclusive News Section Lead

$2,350 $2,100 $2,000 $1,750


$1,900 $1,710 $1,620 $1,550


$1,445 $1,295 $1,225 $1,185


$995 $900 $850 $800

Column Inch


Back Cover

$5,500 $4,950 $4,675 $4,510
Prime Spots (inside front cover (IFC); opposite IFC; opposite Editor's Letter) $4,990 $4,485 $4,250 $4,000
Other Specified Positioning (non-prime) +10%      

Supplied BRE with full page ad plus printing cost 


* All prices are NET in U.S. Funds. Canadian invoice amounts will be converted at the prevailing rate and will have GST added.

Closing Date

  • Art is due by the closing date.
  • Due to our printing schedule, we normally cannot accept late ad materials. Reserved space will still be invoiced.
  • If a late ad can be accepted, it will be subject to a late fee penalty.
  • Cancellations or downsizing will be accepted no later than one week prior to the closing date.
  • Closing date for preprinted inserts is 5 weeks prior to the publication date.
  • Display ad space is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Book your ad as early as possible.

Notes on Frequency Discounts

  • Ad insertion order or written notice of intent must be placed in advance upon contracting the first ad of the publishing year to qualify for frequency discounts.
  • Advertising must be placed within a 12-month period from the date of the first insertion.
  • Advertisers placing less than the agreed frequency will be short-rated accordingly.
  • Discounts are applied to space and color only, not to ad preparation fees.


All advertising is subject to the approval of the editor in chief. Advertising guidelines can be found here. Advertisers retain the liability for all content (text, representation, and illustration) of advertisements. Advertising in The Banner does not imply editorial endorsement.

Display Advertising Sizes

Full page with bleed: 8.25 x 10.75 + extra .125 inch for bleeds*

Full page without bleed: 7.25 x 9.625 inches

2/3 Vertical: 4.75 x 9.625 inches

1/2 Vertical: 4.75 x 7.25 inches

1/2 Horizontal: 7.25 x 4.75 inches

1/3 Vertical: 2.30 x 9.625 inches

1/3 Square: 4.75 x 4.75 inches

1/4 Vertical: 2.30 x 7.25 inches

1/4 Horizontal: 4.75 x 3.50 inches

FOOTSTRIP, NEWS Section; PRIME ONLY: 7.25"w x 1.75"h

1/6 Vertical: 2.30 x 4.75 inches

1/6 Horizontal: 4.75 x 2.30 inches

*Bleeds (.125 inch) are available on full pages only.

Specifications (Trim Size 8.25” x 10.75”)

Ads need to be submitted electronically to The preferred format is Adobe Acrobat PDF files. The size and resolution of images directly affects the quality of the final reproduction. Please follow these guidelines when submitting electronic files:

  • Files should be saved at 300dpi at the final printed size with embedded fonts and images.
  • All color images and type and graphics needs to be set to process color (CMYK). Spot color is not used in the printing of The Banner.
  • All customer-supplied copy, art, and photos will be returned upon request. 

Banner Digital Sponsorships & Advertising

DIGITAL ADVERTISING Opportunities For Integrating Your Marketing Strategy Across Platforms          Over 63,000 PageViews per Month

The Mobile & Digital Platform For The Reformed Faith Community (updates daily)


  Online Ad 
Contract ONLY
When placed with 6-time 
Print Contracts
When placed with 11-time 
Print Contracts
Annual Schedule– 12 mo. Pre-Paid $5,900 $5,500 $5,250
Annual Schedule– 12 mo. Billed Monthly $6,750 $5,750 $5,500
Ad Hoc Placement - per Month: $590 ($1,000 June Only, over 200,000 PageViews)    

(Calendar Month Basis, activated on or after 1st Business Day of any month – runs thru month-end; billing may be initiated in advance, including invoicing for less than 4 months’ consecutive run of an ad)


  Online Ad 
Contract ONLY
When placed with 6-time 
Print Contracts
When placed with 11-time 
Print Contracts
Annual Schedule– 12 mo. Pre-Paid $10,500 $10,000 $9,500
Annual Schedule– 12 mo. Billed Monthly $12,000 $11,000 $10,500
Ad Hoc Placement – per Month $1,050 ($2,000 June Only, over 200,000 PageViews)    

(Calendar Month Basis, activated on or after 1st Business Day of any month – runs thru month-end)

The Banner UPDATE   (52 issues)   Over 11,500 Weekly Subscribers

E-Newsletter, a weekly summary of content posted by our Editorial guides

TOP PAGE LEADERBOARD 720w x 90h      
(Exclusive Annual Sponsorship ONLY) 52x Annual 52x Annual 1-time
  Pre-Paid Billed Monthly Ad Hoc
  $15,000/yr $3,500/mo. N/A
BOTTOM FOOTSTRIP 720w x 90h      
In rotation  $7,500/yr $1,000/mo. $950
  ($144/issue) ($250/issue)  

Two weeks lead time is requested for receipt of first-run digital ad materials; 3-5 days advance receipt should suffice for repeat or known/verified acceptable materials.

The Banner Advertising Planning Calendar

Space is limited. Ads are placed and positioned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Issue / Specials Reservations Due* Mails (U.S.) / Ships (Canada)
January 2023 / Women's Topics 12/5/23 12/22/22
February 2023 / Black History 1/9/23 1/24/23
March 2023 / Multi-generational Topics 2/6/23 2/21/23
April 2023 / Cross-cultural Topics 3/6/23 3/21/23
May 2023 / Wisdom & Discernment 4/3/23 4/18/23
June 2023 / Abuse & Recovery 5/8/23 5/23/23
July-Aug 2023 / Synod & Leadership 6/12/23 7/5/23
September 2023 / Education & Work 7/31/23 8/15/23
October 2023 / All-Nations Topics 9/4/23 9/19/23
November 2023 / Global Mission & Church 10/1/23 10/17/23
December 2023 / Annual “Giving Guide” 10/29/23 11/14/23

* Art/Materials are DUE on Reservations Due Dates

Issue Circulation & Distribution

49,319 U.S.P.S.
2,214 Bulk to U.S. church Mailboxes
2,571 Canada Post
12,510 Bulk to Canadian church mailboxes

Design Rates

The Banner’s award-winning design staff can create your ad at very competitive prices. Contact the advertising office for more information or to receive a free estimate.

To advertise, request a media kit, or to discuss your business development needs, contact:
Marketing & Business Development Director - The Banner
Phone: (616) 224-0782 /