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Chasing the Beauty Podcast
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The band Tenth Avenue North came to an end in 2020, but lead singer Mike Donehey isn’t done sharing stories of joy, struggle, and redemption with the world. In his new podcast Chasing the Beauty, Donehey encourages listeners to look for God and joy in unexpected places.

With each episode, Donehey shares personal stories and observations that explore the ways in which God has shown up throughout key moments of his life—from childhood to his music journey to family life. He doesn’t shy away from talking about difficult moments, such as the two miscarriages that his wife experienced. But like the underlying message of many Tenth Avenue North hits, hope is a theme that is evident throughout the podcast.

In each episode, Donehey invites a different guest (or two) to share their own words of wisdom. The first one featured a discussion with Donehey and his former bandmates about the group’s breakup and how they are each mourning endings and finding beauty in new beginnings. This idea—which explains the episode’s title, “A Wedding and a Funeral”—becomes a common talking point among other episodes featuring Donehey’s wife, sister, father, and others.

Though the band’s journey has come to an end, Donehey is still writing and producing his own music. In the fifth episode, he shares a preview of his new original song, “Better,” which will be included on his upcoming EP. This behind-the-scenes look contributes to the podcast’s authentic, down-to-earth feel—and perhaps gives some reassurance to those who will miss Tenth Avenue North music. 

Chasing The Beauty is a weekly podcast, and a new episode is released each Thursday. The show is available for streaming on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast streaming platforms.

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