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Politics and Faith Resources

  • Hope for the Politically Homeless series: In 2020, The Banner teamed up with the Center for Public Justice to release a series of articles online exploring the divisiveness of our times. As more and more Christians feel they don't fit in any of the reigning political parties, we explore why that might be and ways to move forward with hope in this series of six articles.

Remembering Diet Eman: Dutch resistance hero, CRC member by Dr. James Calvin Schaap (print-friendly PDF)
Did Liberation Bring a Better World?
by Diet Eman (print-friendly PDF)

Just for Kids: A Baker's Dozen (print-friendly PDF)
Here are 13 of Joanne De Jonge’s favorite “Just for Kids” articles from The Banner. A free pdf collection of award-winning nature writing that inspires both kids and kids-at-heart to delight in and celebrate God’s amazing creation. (Please note that this collection does not include questions for discussion.)

Abuse of Power Resources
During the past couple of years, and especially since Synod 2018, the issue of abuse of power in the church has been a recurring topic in The Banner. That synod instructed the Council of Delegates (the administrative board of the denomination) “to appoint a small team to . . . address the patterns of abuse of power at all levels of the denomination.” We offer the following list of Banner articles for those who wish to learn more about this issue.

Study Series

Presenting free online resources with questions for discussion for

  • personal study and reflection
  • small group discussion
  • adult education church groups

Reformation Themes: Commemorating the 500th Anniversary (print-friendly PDF)
October 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, an event that changed the course of Western history. This collection includes a series of articles focusing on each of the five solas—Scripture alone, faith alone, Christ alone, grace alone, and glory to God alone—along with a retrospective by Dr. Karin Maag, “The Reformation: What Did We Gain? What Did We Lose?”

Reformed Basics (print-friendly PDF)
What does “Reformed” mean anyway? A compilation of previous Banner articles by award-winning writer and former Banner editor Rev. Len Vander Zee on topics including election, the Trinity, original sin, and more.

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