Daily Quote Podcast

Daily Quote Podcast

For those who want to get into podcasts but are hesitant to dive in, or those who enjoy podcasts and want something simple and refreshing, look no further than the Daily Quote podcast.

In daily two-minute snippets, The Daily Quote podcast offers a thought-provoking quote and some brief context and analysis regarding the quote’s meaning. Each episode seeks to provide some inspiration or opportunity for reflection. While some of the quotes are familiar, like a segment from Steve Jobs’ well-known commencement speech at Stanford in 2005, many are lesser-known and worth a deeper dive.

The Daily Quote will appeal to listeners of all ages and walks of life. The collection of quotes comes from a variety of public figures from both the past and present. Some will relish in the words of C.S. Lewis, Ella Fitzgerald, and Anne Frank, while others will appreciate the words of Bad Bunny, Lizzo, and Michelle Obama.

In an age where our brains are constantly bombarded with information and our attention spans tend to run short, the Daily Quote keeps things brief and to the point. It’s equal parts educational and delightful—perfect for binging or integrating into a daily routine.

New episodes of the Daily Quote podcast are released each day, and the entire show is available to listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast platforms.

About the Author

Kayleigh Fongers graduated from Calvin University in 2018 and currently resides in Muskegon, Mich. She works as a communications coordinator for a nonprofit organization. She’s also a freelance writer, covering music and podcasts for The Banner, movies and TV for ScreenRant, and her own thoughts for the post calvin.

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