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How do I decide whether to take a new job or keep the one I have?

It is a blessing to be able to choose whether to take or keep a job. Paid work is one way God provides for us: it allows us to pay bills, take care of loved ones, and even enjoy the good things of God’s creation. Jobs also provide a way to contribute in a meaningful way to society. It is cause for sorrow when people cannot experience this because of unemployment or underemployment.  

To help you decide, ask how this position might allow you to love God and love your neighbor. Will this job allow you to honor God with work by developing your gifts, growing your skills, and using your time and energy to care for the world? Will it provide you with helpful experience and opportunities to connect with others? Does it help you to promote justice and care for those who are suffering? 

It’s also helpful to ask what harm the job might cause. Would taking this job mean participating in work that harms the environment or hurts others? Does it get in the way of other important things you ought to be doing, like studies or helping family? No job is worth the cost of losing your relationships with God, your family, or another community.

There can be a lot of pressure to take a job, especially if it pays well. Proverbs teaches us that it is good to be financially responsible, but we can also run the risk of living as if our own efforts save us. It is helpful to wonder how we might use the gifts God has given us, recognizing these gifts also include the freedom of youth and limited responsibilities and even having others to help with financial stability.

As you continue to wonder, know that sometimes the answer to your question(s) comes from the Spirit’s gentle nudging, and sometimes it comes through the encouragement of your community. And sometimes we simply need to step forward in faith, trusting that God will make the best of our choices.

May God give you hope and wisdom as you navigate this situation.

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