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I'm in a job that I never planned to be doing. I feel I should be thankful to have a job, but I'm not really sure how I feel about it or whether I should do anything about it.

It can be upsetting when you realize that your life doesn’t look the way you expected it to. When that happens, it is good to lament that you’re not using the gifts that God has given you in the ways you’d hoped. It is also good to remember that many people are disappointed by their jobs. Immigrants especially know how it feels to let go of work they loved to take up something else that might feel like a poor fit. Because God can and does work through all things, God can also work good through the unexpected. Perhaps your current job creates space for other things that matter to you, such as caring for loved ones or volunteering. Or perhaps the job you now have is actually a better fit for your skills and personality than the job you’d planned on doing. There can be mismatches among our expectations, what jobs are actually available, the skills needed for each job, and/or how much time needs to be invested toward getting and keeping a certain job.

Your disappointment in your current work might also be God’s way of nudging you. I have unmarried friends asking similar questions. Even if they hadn’t expected to be single at this season in their lives, they have learned to find joy in their lives as they are now—and wonder if God might be inviting them to imagine something else. It helps to talk to people who have had similar experiences. They can connect you with others or advise you on training or other steps you can take to make changes. In talking to others, you might decide that your job really is the best for you in this phase of your life, or you might get the help you need to move forward in a new direction.

In the meantime, make sure you pay attention to how your discontent might be affecting those around you. Don't take out your disappointment on your loved ones or treat your co-workers poorly.

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