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The folks at (including several graduates of Calvin College and Fuller Seminary) are all about wonder—and wondering. Their mission is to pose big questions that help people explore life in the context of film, music, television, and other media.

As the site states, “This is not a place to find the latest news and reviews on film and music. While we are committed to pointing each other toward what to see and experience, we’re actually just as interested in exploring how to see and experience. Rather than observing a film, song, music video, or album, we hope to step further into the media and let it question us, experiencing what it has to say about our lives, this world, and the reality behind it all.”

For example, a piece on the TV series The Walking Dead asks, “What makes us human?” And if you’ve seen the show, you know how fraught that question is. A piece on Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained asks, “Why do we need the absurd?”

Rednow is an excellent resource for parents, pastors, youth leaders, students, and teachers who want to wrestle with, rather than react against, the media.

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