Haitians Looking to God for Hope

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Before the 2010 earthquake that devastated much of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, many Haitians who practiced voodoo blamed evil spirits for tragedies.

But after the disaster, many of them turned to churches instead of voodoo temples, proclaiming God’s sovereignty in their lives.

Today Back to God Ministries International sees more people like Angelo Joseph, a 20-year-old student, opening up to the gospel.

Angelo once dedicated his life to worldly pleasures. He looked forward to drinking and partying at Carnival, Haiti’s version of Mardi Gras. But this year was different.

When Angelo’s sister invited him to skip Carnival and come with her to a spiritual retreat, he decided to go.

Along with 250 other students, he listened to Pastor Jacky Chéry, a BTGMI staff member, share a message and broadcast recordings from Rev. Paul Mpindi, French ministry leader for BTGMI.

After the reflections, many youths, including Angelo, stepped forward to request prayer and express their faith in Christ.
“I have heard the call, and it was as if I want Jesus to change my life,” he said.

After the retreat, Angelo received a New Testament. He now attends Pastor Jacky’s “newborn Christian” class and listens to devotional CDs recorded by Rev. Mpindi focusing on challenges young people face. He also intends to join the local church where his mother and sister already worship.

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