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Jane Ejulo had deep desires for her family’s physical and spiritual well-being, but those desires quickly turned to frustration and disappointment.

Living in a northern region of Uganda, Ejulo was the only one in her family who professed faith in Christ. In addition, her business, combined with her husband’s income, was barely providing for their family of five. Ejulo despaired.

“When we first met Jane, she was a depressed and discouraged woman,” said Mwaya Wa Kitavi, who serves as a regional leader for eastern and southern Africa with Resonate Global Mission (formerly Christian Reformed World Missions). “She did not have the confidence to share her faith with anyone.”

All that changed for Ejulo when she joined others from her church in a Timothy Leadership Training TLT)event led by Kitavi. She attended the first training, “Caring for God’s People,” in 2011.

“[The training] challenged me to see the possibilities of reaching out to other people,” Ejulo told Kitavi.

During the TLT event, Ejulo realized she was not alone in her struggles. What’s more, she gained the confidence to begin planning for change.

When Ejulo returned home after the workshop, she started on her action plan: to teach her children and husband how to pray and to lead them in daily Bible studies.

“Jane was no longer depressed and she was motivated to witness to her family and others,” said Kitavi.

Ejulo’s faithful witness eventually brought all five of her children to accept Christ. She also began sharing her faith with a small group of people in her community.

Encouraged by these life-changing results, Ejulo was ready to tackle her next problem. She attended a second workshop with Kitavi, “Christian Stewardship.”

“I wanted to see an increase in my business to facilitate my own needs and the needs of my family, church, and God’s ministry,” Ejulo told Kitavi.

Again, working through the module, Ejulo gained new business skills—such as how to display her handmade jewelry—that would not only help her operate her business successfully but also do so from a biblical perspective.

After the training, Ejulo quickly put her new skills into action. She acquired a new location for her business that was more noticeable and accessible for customers.

“Because of these changes, Jane’s business has flourished,” reports Kitavi. “Her family no longer has to struggle to meet their needs, and her daughter and son have been able to join the university.”

Today Ejulo is a master trainer, sharing what she learned at TLT with others in nearby communities. She also shares her faith right in her own church and wider community.

“I say thank you to [Resonate Global Mission] and my TLT facilitator,” Ejulo said. “I cannot express the joy I feel. I am very grateful to God that he used them to come to my district and church. This is how God located me and improved my life. I pray that God will continue to send them to locate other people like me.”

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