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Good Bible software improves our ability to study God’s Word. Logos 7 was released earlier this year, and it is amazing. Logos has always been for scholars, by scholars, and the new version is a better research tool. It gave me a fresh perspective on the Holy Land. The archive includes 28,000 images and video lectures by Bible teachers.

Seminary students like it because it gives the pronunciation of Greek words. Worship leaders might find it useful as well. And Logos software is available in six different languages, including Spanish and Korean. Costs range from free to $1,000, depending on the package you prefer.

For anyone interested in building a library of commentaries, Bible software is a good way to do it. Often it is less expensive than buying the print editions, and software includes a searchable index.

In addition to Logos software there is the PC Study Bible by BibleSoft. This is good for anyone interested in Bible study, but there is less of a learning curve. Their programs are well designed and the interface is intuitive. The PC Study Bible is now available for the Mac platform. Again, there is a wide price range from $50-$2,000. There is also an app available for much less.

Currently there are about 25 different English Bible translations and versions, including paraphrases. These kinds of programs are good for anyone who wants to make comparisons between them. Biblesoft and Logos have user groups that have formed on various social media platforms. Users can join and exchange reviews and information.

Electronic media is a good way to further the kingdom to places that have not been open to the gospel. The Christian Classics Ethereal Library is a good example of this. New titles are listed under the research link. Run by Calvin College professor Harry Plantinga, the library includes the writings of St. Augustine and other early church fathers. It is accessible at no cost, but you can subscribe to support the project.

In keeping with the rest of our world, the Good News has long since gone digital. Don’t overlook great resources that might be right at your fingertips!

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