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Nicole is a writer and artist, a mother, a wife, and a child of God.

She has daily struggles in her life and has faced some especially difficult things but is holding tight to her faith in Christ. She values the support she receives through Family Fire to bring her through those tough times.

Family Fire is a program provided by ReFrame Media, the English outreach of Back to God Ministries International. It is committed to fanning the flames of the Holy Spirit in family relationships.

“The articles and resources have really seen me through my darkest days,” said Nicole.

Years ago, while dating a Muslim man, Nicole came to a crossroad in her life where she needed to make a choice between her boyfriend and Jesus.

“I chose Jesus,” said Nicole. “It hurt, and that was the most painful breakup of my entire life, but I have never regretted following Jesus.”

During that time, Nicole met a Christian man. They married four years ago and share a blended family. Tragically, six months into their marriage, Nicole’s daughter took her own life, leaving a void and deep sadness in Nicole’s heart.

This is when Nicole found a Family Fire article on Facebook on the topic of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
“I was so overwhelmed with grief. I was desperately looking for answers to these questions I had, and the Lord used Family Fire to minister to me,” recalled Nicole.

The deep depression and hurt experienced by the loss of her daughter presented challenges in Niclole’s marriage. Her husband chose to leave their home, and she continues to seek guidance in her relationship through prayer and Family Fire.

“[The Family Fire staff] has been so faithful to pray with me and hold me up during this most difficult faith walk,” Nicole said. “The Lord has used Family Fire to confirm what he has been speaking to me. When I start to forget, I get messages of hope and encouragement from Family Fire.”

Pray for Nicole and her husband as they are on this difficult journey. Pray for restoration in their marriage. Pray too for Family Fire and the many hurting people lives who are experiencing the healing hand of God through this vital ministry.

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