CRC 150 Years in Wellsburg, Iowa

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Wellsburg (Iowa) Christian Reformed Church celebrated its 150th anniversary on July 8 and 9 with the theme “God is faithful through all generations.” The celebration on Saturday included a reflection on the church’s history, songs shared by the choir and musical group Broken Cross, and words from former pastors Rev. John Gorter, Rev. Thomas Vos and Rev. Leslie Kuiper, on their memories of the church.

On Sunday, July 9, the celebration continued in worship services. Steven Timmermans, executive director of the CRC, gave a message on Psalm 100. Former interim pastor Rev. Dan Brouwer gave a message from passages found in 1 Peter, “God’s Will: Our Focus for the Future.”

An anniversary booklet was also made, commemorating the music and mission of Wellsburg CRC over 150 years. Various members of the congregation wrote about how God used them in his mission and how he worked through their projects throughout the years. It also focused on music in the church’s worship over its history.

Mildred Griffin, a member of the church and part of the committee for the anniversary celebration who also helped to write the 150-year booklet, said only God could have carried the congregation through its beginnings to now. “There is only one word or phrase – God’s faithfulness.” Griffin said. “When the denomination was 10 years old, the first minister chose Christian Reformed to become affiliated with.  We are only the second church west of the Mississippi and sermons were preached in Dutch to a German congregation. God has been faithful 150 years.”

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Kyle Hoogendoorn is a freelance news correspondent for The Banner. He lives in Rock Valley, Iowa.