IN MEMORIAM: Rev. Sung Soo Kim

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Rev. Sung Kim, 49, a radical follower of Jesus Christ’s gospel, passed away from a sudden heart attack following a struggle with colorectal cancer in Korea.

Kim joined the Christian Reformed Church in 2006 and served the Smyrna CRC in Los Angeles, Calif. He had recently returned to Seoul, South Korea, to start a new Smyrna Church.

Prior to entering the gospel ministry, he worked as a singer and received a grand award in the College of Music festival. He also served as secretary to Korea’s president.

Kim will be remembered for his radical Christ-like manner and life. He loved music and the gospel; he was often called a singer/pastor.

Kim is survived by his wife, Sherry, and sons Joshua, Daniel, and Paul.

About the Author

Jonathan Kim is a CRC pastor of Ye-Eun Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, California. He writes news for The Banner and lives in North Hills, California.