In Memoriam: Rev. Kiwoong Kim (1958 - 2020)

In Memoriam: Rev. Kiwoong Kim
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As a compassionate person for people in need, Rev. Kiwoong Kim was approachable, kind, and warm to anyone who needed help. "Dad was selfless, tenacious, and loving to anyone who would reach out for help … whenever anyone would request blessings or prayer, he would honor those requests with priority and urgency," said one of his twin sons, Yong. Even in his own times of economic difficulty, Kim was always willing to put aside his own needs for others, particularly other Korean pastors. He died Nov. 24 in Grand Rapids, Mich., after a sudden illness with COVID-19.

After studying at Chong Shin Seminary in 1982, Kim served for nine years as a local pastor in Korea. He continued studies at various seminaries and learned Hebrew and French. Serving almost three decades in ministry, Kim pastored many Korean American people at Saginaw (Mich.) Presbyterian Church, Kalamazoo (Mich.) Korean Christian Reformed Church, and for 13 years at Hahn-In CRC of Grand Rapids in Wyoming, Mich., from which he retired in 2019.

In 2014, Kim served as president of the Korean Council, a networking association among Korean CRC pastors for fellowship and encouragement. He was loved by many fellow pastors. Rev. G. Kim, an old friend, said from Washington, "I am so sad to learn of the passing of brother Kiwoong. He was truly a dedicated man of God who served the call to the body of Christ. I am sure that his loss will be deeply felt for the many who have loved him for a long time."

Kiwoong is survived by his wife of 35 years, Kyunghee, and their twin sons, Euiseok (fiancee, Yeonkyung) and Yongseok (wife, Leah).

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Jonathan Kim is a CRC pastor of Ye-Eun Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, California. He writes news for The Banner and lives in North Hills, California.