Hedge Fund Worker Turns from the Money

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“Justin,” a hedge fund worker weary of the financial treadmill, is about to jump into the unknown and into God’s hands.

He is part of City Grace Church in New York City.

“Our mission is sharing the ‘life’ that is truly life,” says Pastor Ben Spalink. “New Yorkers find their sense of value in making lots of money.”

Begun five years ago to reach the East Village’s educated professionals, City Grace, a Home Missions-supported partner, has 90 congregants who meet in a movie theater on Sunday mornings.

“There were lots of churches around here, but not gospel-believing ones,” says Spalink.

Six small community groups span at least three boroughs during the week. City Grace is young—the median age is 25—and its population ranges from students to upwardly mobile lawyers and white-collar professionals in the financial world such as Justin.

“We have recent converts, those who became Christians through campus ministries, and those who grew up nominal or unchurched,” Spalink says.

Several people have come to saving faith in Jesus Christ through City Grace. Justin was a believer already when he came to the church. “He felt that money let him be his own God, but after coming to our church for awhile he realized this wasn’t true,” said Spalink. “He realized he was being led to take a big risk, quit his job, and see what God has in store. The Gospel gave him the courage to walk away.”

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Lorilee Craker, a native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, lives in Grand Rapids, Mich., in a 1924 house full of teenagers, pets, exchange students, and houseplants. The author of 15 books, including Anne of Green Gables, My Daughter and Me, she is the Mixed Media editor of The Banner. Find her at Lorileecraker.com or on Instagram @thebooksellersdaughter.

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