Synod Approves Candidates for Ministry

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Synod 2011 welcomed 42 candidates into ministry with a standing ovation--thanking God, the candidates, and their families for their commitment.

“Do not be afraid. Go into the church with peace. Find God’s purposes and make them your own,” advised Rev. Cornelius Plantinga Jr., outgoing president of Calvin Theological Seminary.

Among the candidates, seven were women. Candidate Aminah Al-Attas Bradford held her 3-day-old baby in her arms as she was introduced.

“Thank you for all the hours of hard work, determination, late nights-–whatever it took for you to appear before us today,” said Plantinga.

Candidate John Harold Caicedo, Classis California South, was serving as an elder delegate at Synod 2011.

“I am thrilled, privileged, and honored to welcome you to the steps that you have already begun and now will continue,” said synod president Rev. James Dekker.

For more coverage while synod is in session, including webcasts, photos, a discussion forum, reports, and more, see the Synod 2011 website.

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Ryan Struyk was a former Banner news correspondent for classes Grand Rapids South and Thornapple Valley. 

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Please list the names of the candidates

The candidates are:
Glenn S. Adams
Aminah Al-Attas Bradford
Michael S. Boerkoel
Samuel Boldenow
Joel T. Bootsma
Randall J. Buursma
John Harold Caicedo
Timothy A. De Vries
Steven R. Eckersley
John O. Eigege
Rodolfo Galindo
Aaron C. Gonzalez
Amos H. Groenendyk
Andrew H. Hanson
Joshua R. Holwerda
Daniel J. Kinnas
Kyle P. Kloostra
Brian M. Kornelis
Kenneth C. Kruithoff
Samuel Lee
Ruth E. Lemmen
Raidel León Martinez
Sarah Matherly Roelofs
Sarah Meekhof
Albers John Moelker
Jonathan Nicolai-deKoning
Adam L. Nordyke
Jessica J. Oosterhouse
Benjamin J. Schaefer
Eric D. Schlukebir
Timothy M. Sheridan
Martin A. Sisneroz, Jr.
Juli Stuelpnagel
Bernhard VanderVlis
Mark Van Drunen
Mark J. Van Dyke
Thyra D. VanKeeken
Terence M. Visser
Caleb J. Walcott
Jan Anthony Westrate
John T. Wildeboer
Jonathan D. Young

How do I get the lists of candidates? with their addresses etc

All of the candidates will be featured (with full contact information) in the The Banner's print July issue. You can also contact the Candidacy Office at 616-224-0768.

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