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Synod 2011 welcomed Rev. Moses Chung, newly appointed as director of Christian Reformed Home Missions. Delegates went on to surround Chung in a prayer of blessing and thanksgiving.

Rev. Moses Chung: “If we don’t pray, we die.”

Photo: Karen Huttenga

“I’m truly humbled and honored but also very thrilled and grateful to stand before you today—truly humbled because I still can’t figure out why God would call a sinner like me and give me a job like this,” said Chung.

Outgoing Home Missions director Ben Vandezande said, “I’m personally thankful that he is the one God has chosen. Moses has a real heart for people, and he comes with a ton of fresh energy. We welcome him into the work of Home Missions.”

Delegates prayed for Chung by laying hands on him and speaking individual prayers all at once, which is common in the Korean Christian tradition.

“As a former member of a church where Moses Chung was a minister, I would like to heartily endorse him,” said elder Thomas Byma, Classis Greater Los Angeles.

Chung focused on prayer as a key part of his life and ministry. “Prayer is as vital as the air we breathe. If we don’t pray, we die—spiritually, that is,” he said.

“The most important thing that I want to say today, ‘I thank you, and thank you, God,’” said Chung.

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