Synod 2011 Honors Seminary President

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Synod 2011 paid tribute to Rev. Cornelius Plantinga Jr. for his service as president of Calvin Theological Seminary for 10 years. “[Plantinga] has left his mark on the institution. He’s left his mark on the denomination,” said Rev. Rita Klein-Geltink, Classis Huron. “Even more importantly, he’s left his mark on many men and women, myself included.”

Synod honored Plantinga with a standing ovation for his years of service and leadership.

Klein-Geltink praised Plantinga for his personal interest in students. “It really was a privilege to be a student at [the seminary] during the years when Dr. Plantinga served as president,” she said.

“During the time each student was at seminary, he would invite them into his home for a dinner party. I remember the evening well,” Klein-Geltink recalled.

Klein-Geltink heard from a friend of Plantinga, “Neal has unswerving integrity, humility, graciousness, and a sense of appreciation. He does not speak ill of others; he has a deep sense of fairness.”

The Board of Trustees of the seminary granted him the title of President, emeritus.

“Neal, we thank God for you,” said Klein-Geltink. You’ve blessed us and may God bless you . . . as you move on from here.”

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