Synod 2011 Thanks Former Executive Director

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Synod gave an extended standing ovation to Rev. Jerry Dykstra, former executive director of the Christian Reformed Church, at a banquet honoring several people on Wednesday evening.

Rev. Jerry Dykstra (pictured with his wife, Linda) helped the CRC focus on the health of local congregations.

Photo: Karen Huttenga

Rev. Brian Bosscher, Classis Georgetown, said, “You helped the church focus on the health of the local congregation. We pastors appreciate you so much and love you so much.”

Dykstra resigned from his position in early April after more than five years on the job.

Bosscher spoke of Dykstra’s commitment to following God’s voice. “In the years that you served our denomination as an executive director, you worked tirelessly to help the church grow,” said Bosscher.

“I know that this body has been waiting for a moment to say we love you, we miss you,” he said before the delegates erupted into applause.

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