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“Come, follow me.” Those words inspire every disciple of Christ in general and everyone who aspires to vocational ministry in particular.  On these next few pages you will find the people approved by Synod 2011 as new candidates for ministry in the Christian Reformed Church.  Each has responded to the Voice. Each is committed to following and serving the Lord and Savior of the church.

Those who lead the church must first and foremost be followers—followers of Christ. These men and women recognize that truth, and they have demonstrated their readiness to follow and to lead by completing the prescribed course of training for ministry. We, the church, are grateful for their dedication and their months of hard work. We’re grateful for the faculty of Calvin Theological Seminary, which has played a crucial role in the preparation of these candidates. We’re also grateful for the many pastors and local churches who have mentored them and given them opportunities to learn and grow.

Now these candidates are eligible for a call—ready to serve the rest of us followers of Jesus. Some will become local church pastors, some will plant new churches, some will serve as chaplains, some will work in other ministry settings. All will need our support, our prayers, our encouragement, and our participation in the ministries to which they are assigned. Lift them up in prayer today and in future days. Their immediate future is unknown, and the waiting room they enter will be a challenge. Yet their eagerness to serve is consistent, and they have clearly confessed their confidence in the Lord they follow. May God bless each of them and each of us as we continue to follow on the journey God has planned. For more detailed information on any of the candidates, you may go to the Candidacy Committee website:

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