Synod 2010: Task Force to Explore Role of Deacons

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Synod 2010 wants a task force to review the role of deacons in the CRC and to recommend ways to revitalize the diaconate and its role in the community.

Classis Grandville requested the task force with the intent to encourage, empower, and educate churches in their diaconal ministries.

The task force will also look at the place and role of deacons at higher assemblies and examine possible changes in Church Order to allow deacons to serve in parity with other church officeholders.

Rev. Daniel Mouw, Classis Grandville, said the time has come to make diaconal ministry a higher priority in churches and at classis.

“We can do more to really unleash the office of deacon in our local churches,” Mouw said.

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