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Synod 2010: Biennial Youth Summit Proposed


The seven young adults who served as youth observers to Synod 2010 have proposed holding a youth summit every other year during synod, in order to expand the engagement of young adults with the life of the church.

The observers envision a meeting that would operate much like synod, with an elected president and executive body who would represent the youth summit on the floor of synod.

Youth summit teams, similar to synod’s advisory committees, would discuss issues of importance to CRC youths as well as issues under discussion at synod. After discussion and debate, youth advisory team leaders would offer insight and recommendations to their corresponding synodical advisory committees.

The purpose is to connect young adults in the CRC with their peers, offer them a visible, accountable voice, and spark interest in how the church works at all levels. It would also allow young adults input into future synod agenda items and provide leadership training and experience.

The youth summit proposal will go to the CRC Board of Trustees for review and could be formally proposed to Synod 2011.

The youth observers would like the first summit to happen in 2012, when synod will be debating whether or not to adopt the Belhar Confession. That is also the year the Faith Formation committee is expected to make its final report to synod. Both topics are of great interest to young adults.

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