Rev. Evert Overeem of the Protestant Church

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Rev. Evert Overeem of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PCN) brought greetings to Synod 2007. “What’s the best way to congratulate the CRC in North America on its anniversary?” Overeem asked. “Perhaps to tell you a story of three words I’ve picked up here and keep remembering: opportunity, privilege, challenge. The opportunity to be here at synod, the privilege of serving the kingdom, and the challenges you have to take on your shoulders sometimes. These are beautiful and inspiring words, and every time I hear them here, I take them back to the Netherlands.”

Synod has debated in recent years the CRC’s ecumenical ties with the PCN, restricting the relationship because of the problematic stance on homosexuality of the Gereformeerde Kerken in Nederland (GKN), one of the PCN’s founding churches. Said Overeem, “Whatever you do about our relationship—those are your reasons, not my reasons—don’t forget those three words.”

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