Synod 2006: Relationship with Dutch Church Stays Restricted

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The Christian Reformed Church will stay in restricted ecclesiastical relationship with the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PCN). Although the relationship is the closer of the two categories that appear in the CRC’s revised Ecumenical Charter, it remains restricted, particularly the pulpit and table fellowship.

What the CRC considers the PCN’s liberal interpretation of Scripture regarding homosexuality remains a problematic issue between the two denominations.

Rev. Richard Bodini of Classis Alberta South/Saskatchewan expressed concern over the restricted fellowship. “If you’re going to dialogue with another denomination, you must do it in the living room, not out on the porch,” he said. “That way you can communicate issues of common concern.”

Rev. LeRoy Christoffels of Classis Minnkota noted, “This is a disciplinary action done in Christian love with the goal of bringing the PCN back into the fold.”

The Protestant Church in the Netherlands is a new denomination following the merger of three churches, including the Christian Reformed Church in the Netherlands (GKN), considered by many to be the mother church of the CRC in North America.

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