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When Keith and Kristyn Getty release an album of new material, church musicians listen in two ways. We listen to it as a piece of art to be enjoyed, studied, and reflected upon. We also listen for songs we can use in worship in our congregations. Facing a Task Unfinished succeeds in both areas. The merging of Irish and bluegrass instrumentation that typified the Gettys’ last album is not as evident, but Keith’s arrangements continue to be lush and inventive, and Kristyn’s voice is still clear and up front in the mix so that the theologically rich texts come through.

There are a few standout songs I’m especially eager to use in my congregation. “My Worth Is Not in What I Own,” sung as a duet with Fernando Ortega, and “The Lord Is My Salvation,” sung with a choir, are beautiful in both tune and text. The high point, though, might be “He Will Hold Me Fast,” a song of comfort and encouragement written by Matt Merker that is as profound as it is simple. Fans of the Gettys will find much to love in their new album. (Getty Music)

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