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Keith and Kristyn Getty have been producing thoughtful, well-written and -recorded worship music for over 15 years. Their music is noteworthy because the melodies are easily sung by congregations and because the texts are rich and theologically sound.

When the Gettys turned their attention to making an album for children, they did not stray from what they do best: they chose some of their recent songs, found children who sing in tune, and had their regular band come in to accompany them. Aside from the children’s voices, this doesn’t sound like an album for children.

But Getty Kids Hymnal – In Christ Aloneis a children’s album. Because the Gettys’ tunes are grounded in Irish folk music, kids will pick up on the melodies quickly. It is easy to imagine this album being played in the car or at bedtime. These new arrangements may also encourage those who lead music with kids to think of using songs they might not otherwise have considered.

Songs like “We Believe (Apostle’s Creed)” or the wonderful “The Lord Is My Salvation” aren’t specifically written for children but could very well become favorites. A companion book of sheet music is also available, making it even easier to use these songs in your church. (Getty Music)

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