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Keith and Kristyn Getty are the composers of a number of well-loved modern hymns; Keith composed the music for “In Christ Alone.” The Celtic-influenced melodies of their songs have a lyrical quality that makes them seem instantly familiar. In contrast to some modern worship songs, which sometimes seem like little more than individual phrases strung together, the Gettys’ texts are theologically rich and reminiscent of great hymns of the past.

Hymns for the Christian Life, their fourth album, maps out new territory in that it marries the sound of Irish folk music with that of American folk music. Irish reels morph into bluegrass fiddle tunes and back as the influences mix and match to give us an album of carefully crafted tunes and good solid lyrics. This is not just another Getty collection—even though that would be a good thing. Hymns for the Christian Life works as both a collection of hymns that congregations can draw from and as an outstanding album. (Getty Music)

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