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Lecrae isn't new to the rap game. This album is his seventh in almost 10 years. But Lecrae is building a new bridge between "mainstream" rap and what might be called "Christian" rap. Since rap began as protest music—the responsive sounds of anger against racism and the history of race in America—its honest but harsh lyrics have never found a home within the church.

Lecrae is clear that he doesn't make "Christian rap." But he is equally clear that he is a Christian. It means that listening to Anomaly is a confrontational challenge without the usual swear words, coming from inside the church rather than from outside.

Lecrae is a modern-day Isaiah. He asks: Where are American Christians in the conversations about racial justice, inequality, sex slavery, immigration, and the privilege of being part of the richest country on earth? There can be no other answer for Lecrae than that the biblical story compels us to see God's kingdom coming and to accept God's grace. "Doing that Humpty dance/Forget the king's horses/Forget the king's men/The King is coming to put us back together again."

Unlike much Christian rap that has come before, Lecrae is musically creative. He has created an eclectic and unique sound rather than ripping off the beats of the latest “mainstream” artists. His rapping is complex, with as many pop culture (Breaking Bad, Fight Club) references as Bible references. It may take more than one listen, but the rhymes and beats are contagious. (Reach Records)

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