The Lowdown: Grammy Edition

Mixed Media

The Grammy Awards will be handed out Sunday night, February 8. While some of us might be cynical about award shows, with some digging anyone can find music to appreciate among the nominees. Here are some excerpts of our online reviews of Grammy-nominated artists’ projects, with links to the full reviews.

Nickel Creek: “This trio plays bluegrass music that has as much in common with modern folk and pop as traditional bluegrass.”

Angélique Kidjo: “Kidjo sings here exclusively in Beninese languages but her soaring voice crosses all boundaries.”

Coldplay: “Overall, a goodbye, a lament for something precious that is gone.”

Natalie Grant: “Based on three years of personal and family struggles, Grant’s effort provides solace for the heart and the ear.”

Crowder: “Will leave you thankful for God’s majesty, his forgiveness, and his hope.”

Imogen Heap: “Reminds us to take a look around and take notice of both the world we are in and of what we are creating for ourselves and future generations.”

alt-J: “They might be influenced by C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia.”

Taylor Swift: “Swift also hasn’t changed her notion of what love is, a gooey, over-romanticized head-over-heels emotion.”

Lecrae: “Lecrae is a modern-day Isaiah. He asks: Where are American Christians in the conversations about racial justice, inequality, sex slavery, immigration, and the privilege of being part of the richest country on earth?”

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