Church Clothes 3 by Lecrae

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Lecrae’s latest mixtape continues the hip-hop artist’s earnest reflections on justice and reconciliation. Righteous in its anger and precise in its delivery,Church Clothes 3, at its best, serves as a call to action to the church. Lecrae offers education on racism and its manifestations today while calling out complacency and the selective hearing the church has when it comes to social issues, all while maintaining a gospel-centric worldview.

Church Clothes 3 often mirrors the book of Amos, in which the comfortable upper class is challenged as they “trample on the heads of the poor . . . and deny justice to the oppressed” (2:7). In Amos it is clear that Israel, though God’s chosen people, cannot become lethargic while people suffer. This is Lecrae’s challenge to the church—that it not remain voiceless in the midst of so much racial injustice. (Reach Records)

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