No Longer Lonely

Prakash, an elderly man living alone in a remote village between Jammu and Kashmir, has no family to look after him.

He can neither read nor write, adding to his feeling of isolation. He was a lonely man until he experienced Immanuel, God with us.

Craving a connection to the outside world, Prakash turned to his radio, where he discovered a program called Premey Kanne (With Love).

Through this program, produced by Back to God Ministries’ partners in northern India, Prakash found the companionship and knowledge he was seeking.

But Prakash found more—he also learned about the Savior who was seeking him.

As he continued listening, Prakash learned to pray. He asked the Lord to be his companion. When he learned more about Jesus, he gave up idol worship and began praying to the living God, who moved his heart to trust in Jesus.

The Lord also prompted a local pastor to visit Prakash. The pastor befriended him and explained how Jesus loved Prakash enough to give his life for him.

“In a world where my own family abandoned me, here was someone willing to love and care for me,” Prakash says. “Such love and compassion can only come from a man who knows and loves Jesus.”

Through all this, Prakash came to understand the gospel, and he gave his life to the Messiah.

He still faces the ongoing physical challenges of old age, along with the difficulties of providing for his daily needs. Although he continues to live alone, Prakash is no longer lonely.

He has the friendship of the Christian pastor and the ongoing presence of the Lord, whom he loves—and who loves him.

“He is always there for me, no matter what,” said Prakash, who will experience the joy of Christmas in a new way this year.

About the Author

Nancy Vander Meer is a staff writer with Back to God Ministries International in Grand Rapids, Mich.