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Anchal had no peace in his life. After a troubling childhood, his woes continued when his young daughter started having unexplained seizures. His deep Hindu faith made him refuse to look to God for help.

Anchal’s wife, Anita, felt differently. She had been listening to a Christian radio program in the Dogri tribal language since before she was married, and many of the messages stuck with her. Anita remembered hearing how Jesus healed the sick, and she wanted to pray for a miracle.

“The idea infuriated Anchal,” said Stephen Paul, Good Books ministry leader in India. Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) partners with Good Books and Words of Hope for media outreach in northern India and the Himalayan region.

Paul added, “To Anchal and many other Indians, the Christian faith is a foreign religion forced on unsuspecting simpletons by missionaries. Anchal wanted nothing to do with a foreign God.”

As time went on, their daughter’s health deteriorated. When the young girl suffered a massive seizure, Anita decided to act on her faith. Despite Anchal’s protests, she brought the child to a pastor who prayed over her.

“Anita found comfort and hope in the radio messages,” said Paul. “She felt in her heart that if a man of God would pray for her child, her daughter might be healed.”

What followed was indeed a miracle.

As they prayed, God honored Anita’s long-standing faith. He restored her daughter’s health.

Shortly after the miracle, Anchal joined Anita in listening to BTGMI’s Dogri radio program. Hearing the gospel in his own tongue made him see the Christian faith as more than a foreign religion.

“When he heard about Jesus in his own tongue, he could not hold back,” Paul added. “He fell to his knees and asked Jesus to be his Savior too.”

Anita’s faith demonstrates the words of Acts 16:31: “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.”

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