Pushpa’s Miracle

After she contracted leprosy, Pushpa was thrown out of her home and community in the Dogri area of northern India. As her condition became worse, she was broken in body and spirit. Three times she tried to end her life by taking poison.

Then some Christians told Pushpa about Jesus, who loved and healed lepers. They began praying for her. They also gave her a radio and introduced her to a program produced by partners of Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) in India.

Pastor Sadiq Masih baptizes Pushpa.

As Pushpa listened, she became convinced that Jesus Christ loved her and could help her. She started praying for healing for her body and soul. After a few weeks she noticed that her sores were healing; one month after that she was completely free of leprosy. The people of her village were astonished.

Pushpa gives all the glory to the Lord. She says she is living proof of God’s love and care; her healing is a miracle that only God could perform.

Pastor Sadiq Masih, the BTGMI producer in the Dogri region, had the privilege of baptizing Pushpa. As she continues to grow in faith, pray that her testimony will give her opportunities to share God’s Word with the people of her village.

About the Author

Nancy Vander Meer is a staff writer with Back to God Ministries International in Grand Rapids, Mich.