Two Churches, One Focus


Zeke Nelson is pastoring two churches at the same time. One is a 2006 church plant in Delhi, Calif., called Church of the Cross. The second, in nearby Livingston, is the multiethnic Church of the King launched in 2011 with help from Christian Reformed Home Missions.

“I split my vocation into two places so both churches support me part time,” said Nelson.

Nelson at first thought he’d plant churches in Latin America after doing mission work there.

But he was ultimately attracted to forming a multiethnic congregation in the United States. That’s what he has in Livingston with its Hispanic, Anglo, and Indian populations.

“There’s a real sense of community and love for one another here,” he said.

Nelson, with his wife, Rebecca, and four children, teams with Kenny Perumalla, a missionary to the Indian population in Livingston, to minister to a small core group and many in the community.

While the ministry is an outreach to the Indian population, it also has an intimate focus, including all who attend worship services.
“It’s pretty well in my DNA to start new things,” said Nelson.

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