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Survey Says …

Mission at Home and Abroad in the CRC
Our Shared MInistry

Every year, the CRCNA conducts a survey of its members to measure the health and well-being of our congregations, see how we are changing over time, and to track what resources and materials might be needed. To ensure the burden is not too great on any particular congregation, the survey is sent to only one-fifth of all churches each year with a request that they actively encourage their members to participate. While anyone is welcome to complete the survey every year, each church is expected to participate just once every five years.

The survey closed in March.

Here are a few highlights from 2024 related to mission:

I intentionally build relationships with non-Christians.

27% definitely true

23% mostly true

31% somewhat true

15% hardly true

2% definitely untrue

2% unsure


Our church clearly reflects a holistic commitment to reaching the unchurched in our community and beyond.

17% definitely true

29% mostly true

35% somewhat true

13% hardly true

1% definitely untrue

5% unsure


Our congregation actively sends members out to serve in local mission fields.

24% definitely true

20% mostly true

27% somewhat true

15% hardly true

7% definitely untrue

7% unsure


Our congregation actively sends out members to serve in remote mission fields.

24% definitely true

18% mostly true

22% somewhat true

17% hardly true

12% definitely untrue

7% unsure


I speak regularly with others about their spiritual life.

16% definitely true

22% mostly true

37% somewhat true

20% hardly true

3% definitely untrue

2% unsure


Our congregation is involved in the birth of new churches and discipling communities.

11% definitely true

10% mostly true

23% somewhat true

24% hardly true

15% definitely untrue

17% unsure

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