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Survey Says … Spiritual Practices at Work in the CRC

Our Shared MInistry

Every year, the Christian Reformed Church conducts a survey of its members to measure the health and well-being of its congregations, to see how they are changing over time, and to track what resources and materials might be needed. To ensure the burden is not too great on any particular congregation, the survey is sent to only a fifth of churches each year with a request that they encourage their members to participate. Though anyone is welcome to complete the survey each year, each church is expected to participate only once every five years.

The survey for 2024 is now open. Learn more at

Here are a few highlights from 2023’s survey related to spiritual practices.

How often do you do the following at least daily? (bar graph out of 100):

Pray privately: 77%
Read the Bible: 52%
Have personal devotions: 51%

How often do you attend Sunday morning worship services?

Every Sunday: 80%
Two or three sundays a month: 13%
One Sunday a month: 2%
Less than one Sunday a month: 2%
Never: 1%
No answer: 2%

How would you say your spiritual life and faith have changed over the past 12 months?

Grown significantly: 29%
Grown a little: 41%
Remained stable: 20%
Declined a little: 7%
Declined significantly: 1%
No answer: 2%

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