IN MEMORIAM: Rev. Riemer Praamsma

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Rev. Riemer Praamsma, 73, lifelong student of the Word, wonderfully outgoing, humbly thankful to his Sender, and always good-humored, died as a result of an accident.

Praamsma was born in Nieuwolda, in the province of Groningen, the Netherlands, into a minister’s family. In l958, the family immigrated to Canada and Praamsma subsequently attended Calvin College and Seminary, graduating in l962.

After one more year of studies at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, he was ordained to the Christian Reformed ministry.
Praamsma served the following congregations: Collingwood (Ont.) CRC; First CRC, Brantford, Ontario; Bethany CRC, Bloomfield, Ontario; Wallaceburg (Ont.) CRC; Grandville Avenue CRC, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Ebenezer CRC, Jarvis, Ontario; Fellowship CRC, Brighton, Ontario. He retired in 2001.

Praamsma had a deep sense of calling. The pastoral office was for him a gift of God’s grace that never ceased to fill him with wonder. His personal faith was childlike and strong. A man without guile, he was very much a people person, a listener, an encourager. He was drawn to those on the fringes of life; the down and out always found a welcome in the Praamsma parsonage.

Writing sermons was for him a solemn activity. He loved to discuss the art of preaching with friends and colleagues. The legacy of his faith was a blessing to his wife and children. He was a fine runner and playing chess was a favorite hobby.
Following their retirement the Praamsmas served as interim pastor in several churches.

Praamsma is survived by his wife, Joyce, and their children Louis and Albertena Praamsma, Stephanie and Allan Hoekstra, David and Joanie Praamsma, and 13 grandchildren.

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Louis Tamminga is the Banner's writer of In Memoriams for pastors.

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Joyce,  you and Riemer spent just a few short months with our congregation, but left your mark.  I am sad to read the news in this month's Banner.  I rejoice for him that he has received his reward for a life well lived, but sad for you and your family that you must continue without him.  Please accept my and Duane's deepest sympathy for your loss.  

Love in Christ, 

Cathy and Duane Flikkema, Salt Lake City, UT