Synod’s Oldest and Youngest Delegates

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Elder Cornelius Vander Kam, Classis Georgetown, who is a sprightly 80, was the most elderly delegate at this year’s synod, and elder Katie Ritsema-Roelofs was the youngest delegate, at 27 years old.

Cornelius Vander Kam and Katie Ritsema-Roelofs

Photo: Karen Huttenga

Vander Kam is entirely comfortable with the decision-making work of synod: he has 14 years’ experience on his county board of commissioners and was CEO of a building supply company for 22 years. “I like the challenge of making decisions about being progressive,” he said. “There are always new challenges.”

Ritsema-Roelofs was also the youngest delegate at Synod 2009, when she was 25. She is in her fifth year as minister of music and worship at the Christian Reformed Church of

Washington, D.C, and is pursuing a master’s degree at Reformed Theological Seminary.

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