Synod 2011 Youth Representatives

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Seven young adults, ages 20 to 24, explained the viewpoints of the next generation at Synod 2011.

Caption Back: (L-R) Jon Bentum, Seth Adema, Corey VanHuizen, Mark Eekhoff

Front: (L-R) John Kloosterman, Robert Van Lonkhuyzen, Elizabeth Jennings

Photo: Karen Huttenga

Seth Adema, Jon Bentum, Mark Eekhoff, Elizabeth Jennings, John Kloosterman, Robert Van Lonkhuyzen, and Corey VanHuizen served as young adult representatives at synod.

“I’m excited in the direction that the denomination is going in listening to multiple voices,” said Mark Eekhoff. “But there’s still room to grow.”

The representatives came from all over North America, including Iowa, Illinois, Washington, and Ontario.

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