Synod 2010: Looking Forward to Revised Form of Subscription

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Synod 2010 unanimously approved a working document intended to replace the current Form of Subscription.

The CRC requires its officebearers to sign the form, affirming their agreement with the church’s creeds.

Now provisionally called “A Covenant for Officebearers,” it will come to Synod 2011 for approval.

The impetus for revising the document was a request to study the efficacy of the form. Some churches were not using it because officebearers were reluctant to sign it.

The Form of Subscription Committee is developing a document that gives officebearers a more contemporary way to affirm their commitment to the confessions of the CRC.

The new version, the committee says, is intended to affirm promise making, a binding together of parties, and ongoing theological reflection. The committee says it has also worked to produce a document with language that “sings rather than plods along.”

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