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Massachusetts Church Works the Walk


Members of The River Christian Reformed Church in Sutton, Mass., are raking and digging to change how people in their town view the church.

Last fall they brought their shovels, rakes, and wheelbarrows to a hiking trail that runs for a mile around the Sutton Public School. After a day of labor, they had cleared the trail and spread a new layer of mulch.

This past summer, the church members took out their tools once again. They improved the trail by clearing a path and spreading mulch to blaze a new entrance.

Mike Hendrikse, who organized the project, was excited by the camaraderie in their faith community and the “opportunity to give to the greater Sutton community.”

Ministry associate Bruce Dykstra, pastor of the church, believes that this type of project is changing the way “church” is seen by people in their town.

Maureen Roberts, the coordinating teacher for the Sutton Cedar Swamp Nature Committee, expressed gratitude for the help provided by the church in the beautification of this nature trail.

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