Loose Change Brings Change

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Members of The River Christian Reformed Church in Douglas, Mass., are collecting their loose change to bring about change.

A painting by Danielle Kelly.

Photo by Bruce Dykstra

The church has raised $4,000 in the past two years for Africa Inland Mission, which helps provide clean water in Africa.

To draw attention to the project, Danielle Kelly, a friend of the church and a student at the Art Institute of Boston, created a painting showing water running through hands. The painting is mounted above a table where water bottles are used to collect the change.

Lois and Mark Shaw, who work for the mission in Kenya, said, “Water continues to be the real source of everything we do. Jesus was right when he called himself the living water. . . . Giving a cup of cold water in his name is a real gift—especially if you have walked a long, hot way to the river, carried the water home, built a fire with sticks you gathered, boiled the water, and let it cool in your hut.”

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It is wonderful story. Change to bring about change. May blessings abound.

I have another scenario...
Can you miss $5 from your bank account once a month?
Think about it. Can you miss $5 from your bank account once a month? I am going to assume that the $5 is not a big deal....

Now, what if...
- 100 people thought 'OK'? = $500/m - $6000/yr
- 500 people thought 'OK'? = $2500/m - $30,000/yr
- 1000 people thought 'OK'? = $5000/m - $60,000/yr
- 5000 people thought 'OK'? = $25,000 - $300,000/yr
- etc-etc-etc
and that's with only $5/m out of the bank!

Try this with missing a $10 bill from the bank once a month. If so, I would encourage application to Christian Education. Do the math....It is quite possible for Christian organizations to significantly lower tuition rates. "Many hands make light work."