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Boot up your computer and tour The Network for stories, heartfelt insights, and information about nearly any conceivable aspect of church ministry.

Getting connected is easy, and you’ll quickly find yourself engaged with what’s on the minds, even in the hearts and souls, of fellow CRC members.

Want to learn how to put together a solid, God-honoring church budget? Rev. Paul DeVries writes about that in the Church Administration section, making the point that the best budgets are built on three principles: a vision of abundance, balance, and credibility.

Clicking right along, read the story of Deacon Henk, whose quiet night at home is interrupted by a phone call from a church member facing foreclosure on his mortgage. What does Henk tell him? Check the Deacons blog to find out.

Linger awhile in the Pastors section, where there is a sad but ultimately hopeful story about what happens when church leaders stumble and fall. Or read a blog about a CRC woman who takes us on a grueling hike up a mountain, relating how the awesome view from the top provides a lesson in the creative genius of God.

In the Worship section, Rev. Joyce Borger tells us about a Facebook church started in Florida. While skeptical, she recognizes that 2,000 people a week learn about Jesus this way. She wonders what is both lost and gained by attending church on the Web.

In its first six months, The Network had more than 50,000 visits, 250,000 page views, and 1,000 comments or posts by users. It’s been growing, even during the slow summer months, but the potential is much bigger. Through August, 1,400 people had registered on the site—but that’s still a small fraction of the CRC membership.

As a new ministry year begins this fall, we invite you to use The Network to connect with and equip each other to do God’s work throughout the Christian Reformed Church and God’s world.

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