In Brief


Religious advocates have developed guidelines to help major retailers steer children away from video games containing violence, racist content, and sexual themes.

Working with companies such as Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart and Circuit City, the New York-based Christian Brothers Investment Services, which promotes socially responsible and ethical investing, condensed the most effective practices of each corporation into a set of guidelines aimed at keeping minors away from video games rated “Mature” (M). The guidelines include urging retailers to post video game sales policies prominently in stores and online, train employees on the video games sales policy, and separate M-rated from youth-oriented games.(RNS)


A publishing company has released a Bible that resists the elements. The Outdoor Bible, from Bardin and Marsee Publishing, consolidates the New Testament into six waterproof trail maps. College friends Bobby Bardin and Michael Marsee, who often backpack and ride mountain bikes, envisioned the product upon finding the great outdoors less than user-friendly to traditional Bibles. “You get into situations where you’d love to have God’s Word, but you just don’t bring it with you because it will get ruined,” Bardin said. The 12.8-ounce product is said to endure water, sand, heat, and general outdoor wear. The text of The Outdoor Bible is the New American Standard translation. (RNS)