How Our Dollars Support CRC Ministry

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Ministry Share Breakdown for 2008*

  • Back to God Hour                            $44.11

  • Calvin College                                   29.75

  • Calvin Theological Seminary              35.56

  • Faith Alive Christian Resources          13.74

  • Home Missions                                 44.00

  • World Missions                                 55.16

  • Denominational Services                   34.00

  • Sustaining Congreg. Excellence         10.00

  • Specialized Ministries**                     30.90

  • Special Assistance Fund***                1.36

  • Total Per-Member Assessment       $298.58

The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee receives no ministry share.

*These amounts represent allocation for $298.58 ministry share for the 2008 fiscal year budget.

**Abuse Prevention, Chaplaincy Ministries, Disability Concerns, Ministries in Canada, Pastor-Church Relations, Race Relations, Social Justice and Hunger Action, Restorative Justice

***A fund that provides assistance to cover the cost of a pastor’s final move at retirement, as well as special needs of retired pastors or their surviving spouses

About the Author

Bob De Moor is a retired Christian Reformed pastor living in Edmonton, Alta.