Church Planters Get Vote

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Synod 2007 decided that church planters may vote at classis (regional meetings).

Pastors and elders of emerging churches (churches that have not officially organized) have been allowed to speak at meetings of their classes but have not been voting delegates.

“This is an issue of respect and incorporation,” said Rev. Matthew Ford of Classis Greater Los Angeles, a former church planter. “It goes a long way toward morale, unity, and participation.”

“[Not being able to vote] has been a hindrance in our area,” said Rev. Bobby Boyd of Classis Red Mesa. “We are part of the church, and we want to help them in their work.”

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Roxanne VanFarowe is a freelance writer who lives in the woods with her artist husband James and their five children in Hillsborough, North Carolina. They are members of Blacknall Presbyterian Church in Durham.