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Why do people believe in God? Alternatively, why do some disbelieve in God? These are the kind of questions explored in The Side B Podcast—a story-driven podcast from The C.S. Lewis Institute that helps listeners examine their own beliefs and diligently seek after truth.

Compared to other faith-based shows, The Side B Podcast is a little unique. Each episode features an interview with a former atheist and explores how that person came to Christianity. Borrowing from musical language, the name of the podcast is a reference to the traditionally less popular B-side recordings on a record. The show’s tagline—“How skeptics flip the records of their lives”—brings that idea full circle. 

The Side B Podcast is all about meaningful and intentional conversation. The show’s host, Jana Harmon, poses an occasional question and allows every guest ample time to share their thoughts and perspectives. Each of them typically share about their upbringing and the events or experiences that caused them to shift their beliefs. Most episodes are about an hour in length, and it’s evident that the focus is on personal story with brief purposeful discussion.

What’s interesting about the podcast is the way it addresses atheism. Though there is an emphasis on the sovereignty of God and the beauty of redemption, atheism isn’t necessarily positioned as a weakness or an inferior perspective. Instead, The Side B Podcast highlights the importance of nuanced conversation when considering different worldviews. Logic, doubt, and reasoning are explored in multiple episodes.

Because of its diligence in exploring truth, this podcast is one that can motivate skeptics and Christians alike. As Jana explained, “I come away from each story with a desire to intentionally pursue life’s biggest questions and to live for what’s most important.” And there’s no doubt that listeners do, too. New episodes of The Side B Podcast are released every two weeks and are available on most podcast platforms.

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