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For nearly two decades, RELEVANT Magazine remains at the forefront of media for Christian young adults. The RELEVANT Podcast takes things even further, with in-depth episodes that explore the intersection of faith, culture, life, and justice like nothing else.

The biweekly podcast is hosted by Jesse Carey, Tyler Huckabee, Derek Minor, Jamie Ivey, and RELEVANT founder and CEO Cameron Strang. New episodes are released each Tuesday and Friday. In each episode, the crew talks about everything from weekly news to trending topics to entertaining stories. The lighter topics are laced with humor while the serious ones are handled with thoughtfulness and grace.

Perhaps the most attention-grabbing part of The RELEVANT Podcast is the interviews with special guests. Not only does the show feature guests such as Tim Keller, Max Lucado, and Lysa Terkeurst, who are well-known within Christian circles, but it also features some who are household names in entertainment, like Matthew McConaughey, Kristen Bell, and Mark Wahlberg. While the interview segments are only a brief portion of each episode, they’re packed with insightful conversation.

Most episodes of The RELEVANT Podcast are an hour or more in length, but they’re broken up into different segments, which helps maintain interest. Tuesday episodes feature Slices (think a hodgepodge of random tidbits) and feedback from the RELEVANT audience. Friday episodes include recommendations for music, books, etc., plus the always-entertaining “What’s Jesse Thinking?” portion.

For people of faith—especially young adults—this podcast is ideal for catching up on news and staying informed on prominent topics from a Christian perspective. The hosts often reference Bible verses, words from pastors or Christian leaders, and events that pertain to Christian communities. They don’t shy away from controversial subjects, and they grapple with how Christians ought to respond in light of them. Their conversations are nuanced, engaging, and truly relevant.

All 800-plus episodes of The RELEVANT Podcast are available to listen to on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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