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Loneliness. Anxiety. Fear. When it comes to our struggles, leaning on truth can be a challenge. The Made For This podcast seeks to uplift listeners and remind us of the ways in which God sets us free.

Made For This is hosted by Jennie Allen, best-selling author and the visionary behind IF:Gathering. In her ministry, Allen focuses on empowerment and finding purpose as well as the importance of community. The podcast does the same, guiding listeners toward the best versions of themselves and what they are made for.

Almost every episode of the show is rooted in Scripture, tackling questions and topics through a biblical lens. Allen’s teaching provides value, but it’s worth noting the emphasis she places on turning to the wisdom of God’s word. She also brings a variety of guests onto the Made For This podcast, from Louie Giglio to Priscilla Shirer to Sadie Robertson Huff. Allen even invites her husband and daughter to share their unique perspectives on occasion. 

The podcast doesn’t have much variety, but after listening to a handful of episodes, it’s easy to appreciate Allen’s familiar charm and practical wisdom. As an interviewer, Allen is skilled in helping conversations flow and asking insightful questions. As an overall host, she balances fun with truth in a way that brings delight to the show.

New episodes came to a halt in May, but episodes traditionally have been released two or three times per week. Listeners can stream the Made For This podcast on most podcast platforms.

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